The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: Portal Talk, And The Most Important Player Besides Drones

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Mike Young is busy retooling his roster. (Jon Fleming)

1) Does the fact that both of Mike Young’s portal signees so far (and multiple reported targets) only have one year of eligibility remaining tell us anything about his longer term (more than one year) plans, or is it just a case of the fact you can only dance with someone who chooses to dance with you? — CunningFam

Chris Coleman: I want to go back to what Young said immediately following Virginia Tech’s season-ending loss to Ohio State in the NIT:

“We’re based on getting to the NCAA Tournament,” he said. “That’s the way it is. We’ve been to two [NCAAs], we’ve been to two NITs. The NIT isn’t good enough. That is not a slight on the NIT. There’s a whole bunch of people who’d like to be playing in the postseason and win a game in this thing. To get to the Buckeye State and compete against this bunch and a program that I admire was enjoyable and a great experience for our program. But the job from this second forward is retooling, making those who return better and get back to the NCAA Tournament. That’s what we’re supposed to do, and that is certainly our intention.”

Young’s stated goal is to make the NCAA Tournament next year. I think he’s going to try and take the best players that he can possibly get, provided they are good fits, and he’s not too concerned with how many years of eligibility they have remaining. “Get old, and stay old,” he once said. I figure he believes he’s got a better chance to make the NCAA Tournament next year with experience.

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