Virginia Tech Mailbag: How Do The Hokies Fend Off Schools Offering Big NIL Money?

Kyron Drones is a big reason Virginia Tech has so much optimism surrounding the 2024 season. As such, he might draw some interest from other schools. (Jon Fleming)

I’ve got a spring game fever, and the only prescription is more mailbag. So let’s get to your Virginia Tech questions:

What’s your level of concern about star players from Virginia Tech leaving to go join SEC and Big Ten schools who may be able to offer more NIL money? — HokieHigh

It’s present but it’s not primary. We all know another transfer portal window is coming up after the spring game, from April 16-30. And with the NCAA’s rules requiring multiple-time transfers to sit out a year being struck down by the courts, it means everybody on the roster is technically poachable. Functionally, everybody could be a free agent if they want to.

That no doubt has led to consternation for coaches wanting to keep their roster intact. And we at the TSL offices have heard bubbling interest is out there from other schools, with some eye-popping financial backing, for Kyron Drones in particular.