Louisville Study: Cards Bring Balance

Virginia Tech hopes to slow down Jawhar Jordan and the Louisville offense. (Louisville sports photography)

One-loss Louisville’s rocking a good team that’s posted legit wins over Notre Dame and Duke. They aren’t quite the talent-freaksplosion that FSU is, but they’re close at some positions.

The Louisville Offense

Jeff Brohm’s offense looks a bit like what we’re used to from Louisville, with the pistol looks and all that. It’s maybe a little undercharged in terms of talent and flash at some spots, and it’s not putting a lot of points on the board. That said, they’re doing new things at either end of the running game complexity spectrum that could be problematic for the Hokies.

First, they’re showing more heavy, direct runs than before:

That’s just an Iso from the gun, where the line leaves a linebacker alone for the fullback to block. I don’t think I’ve seen an Iso run on first down this year, and I don’t think I’ve seen a traditional fullback Iso from the gun at all. At the point of attack, Bryan Hudson (C, #61) and Michael Gonzalez (LG, #68) wipe the nose out of the play before Hudson climbs to the linebacker, while right guard Austin Collins (#51) walls his guy. You might remember Hudson from his days with the Hokies; he’s grown into a good center for the Cards.