Whit Babcock Q&A, Part 2: Football Improvement, Locker Room Update, The Nike Contract And More

Whit Babcock is optimistic the football team is on an upward trend under Brent Pry. (Jon Fleming)

We covered conference realignment rumblings, unequal revenue sharing and the evolving NIL landscape in Part I of my Q&A with Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock.

Now for Part II, a smorgasbord of topics, including football, scheduling, facility projects, the Nike contract, uniforms and gambling. 

AB: Is it hard to be patient with football? I’m sure you want success as fast as you can with a new hire, but it feels like this was going to be a process.

WB: Yeah, human nature. Absolutely. I also had to take a bit of a step back and realize that because of some of the seasons that didn’t meet our expectations prior to Coach [Brent] Pry being here that those losses cumulatively were weighing on me, and maybe I was in that group that was wanting instant success as well. And I had to take a step back and realize that to build it up, sometimes you’ve got to regroup and start over.

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