Virginia Tech Spring Portal Departures

Virginia Tech
Elijah Howard perhaps played the wrong position at Virginia Tech. (Jon Fleming)

It’s a hot news week at TSL. The Magnificent Seven’s machinations have been made public, Chris is back from Brit Bash ’23, and Martha Stewart’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I’m not even sure where to start.

How about with some players who’ll probably never impact Hokie football again?

It looks like most (if not all) of Tech’s portal losses this spring are casualties of the depth chart, and I don’t think anyone’s going on to bigger programs, as Hendon Hooker did. I imagine more than a few would like to stay here, but instead are the necessary costs of “attrition.” It’s not an easy way to enter the portal. There are piles of guys competing for limited roster spots at new schools, and it’s tough getting the attention of coaches when you’re a deep-depth player on a 3-8 team, as most of these guys are.

As a fan and a Hokie, I appreciate how these guys have helped the team, and I wish them all the best. For those who want to keep playing, I hope they all have connections with past recruiters, friends on other teams, and have the backing of Tech’s staff as they look for new schools.

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