The Virginia Tech 2023 Class In The Half-Star System

Virginia Tech
2023 was Brent Pry’s first full recruiting class.(Virginia Tech sports photography)

The 2023 recruiting class is in the books, and it’s time for my promised star ratings article for Virginia Tech. As a reminder, I do half-stars because I think there are too many 4-star and 3-star recruits these days and it’s too hard to differentiate between most of them. Before we get into the rankings, let’s briefly revisit why I do half-star ratings and how I come to the conclusions.

For the 2023 recruiting class, the top 39 prospects are all rated as 5-star players in the 247 Composite rankings. That means the No. 40 player in the country is a 4-star recruit. There’s nothing wrong with that, in a vacuum. The problem is that the No. 446 recruit is also a 4-star player, and that’s where I have my issue with the star ranking system.

People see four stars next to both players’ names, but the No. 40 player is one spot away from being a 5-star, and the No. 446 player is one spot away from being a 3-star. There’s a huge difference of opinion of each prospect in terms of rankings, but it isn’t reflected in the star rankings, which is what everybody seems to look at first. Therefore, I believe the traditional star ranking system to be a bit antiquated, and thus I’ve started to do a half-star system on TSL.*

*Our database isn’t program to accept half-stars, so you can ignore the players’ rankings in their recruiting profiles and instead focus on this article for my true feelings on each prospect.