Virginia Tech Football’s Roster Is Set For The Spring

Virginia Tech
Kyron Drones will be a big part of the Virginia Tech quarterback competition this spring. (@KyronDrones)

The transfer portal has officially closed for now, and though there will be another one coming up after spring practice, Virginia Tech football’s roster for this semester is set. It’s possible that there could still be some outgoings, such as Keshawn King’s announcement earlier this week, but I would expect those numbers to be low or perhaps even non-existent until spring ball is over. Brent Pry and the Hokies are set, for now.

On Thursday morning, I went through the returning roster and combined it with the recruits/transfers who enrolled at Virginia Tech in January to try and get an accurate current scholarship count for the spring. This number doesn’t include the freshmen who are set to enroll this summer. The number I came up with is 78; that’s the number of scholarship players the Virginia Tech coaches will have to work with this spring.

It breaks down like this…

QB: 6
RB: 6
WR: 12
TE: 4
OL: 14
Total Offense: 42

DE: 7
DT: 6*
LB: 8
DB: 13
Total Defense: 34

*Note that Malachi Madison isn’t on athletic scholarship, so he doesn’t count towards the scholarship count.

Throw in two special teams scholarship players and the number comes out to 78 scholarship players this spring. That number will shoot up to 92 once the remainder of the freshmen from the 2023 class enroll this summer, so there will be attrition at the conclusion of spring practice. Since there are currently a lot more scholarship players on offense, I think we can safely deduct that the attrition will mostly come from that side of the ball.

Let’s take it position by position and see what the coaches will have to work with this spring. I’m not so good at the maths, so if I messed something up, feel free to correct me. Remember, this doesn’t include the true freshman who will enroll this summer; this is simply a scholarship count/look-ahead to the spring. All lists are in alphabetical order sorted by years of eligibility remaining.

Quarterback (6)

Grant Wells: 2 years of eligibility remaining
Tahj Bullock: 3 years
Kyron Drones: 3 years
Devin Farrell: 4 years
William Watson III: True freshman
Dylan Wittke: True freshman

Brad Glenn has a revamped quarterback room to work with this spring. Both true freshmen enrolled early, and Baylor transfer Kyron Drones is here. The Hokies will have a big competition. While it’s likely that Drones and returning starter Grant Wells will be at the forefront, the other players will have their chances as well.

It’s make or break time for Tahj Bullock, who is the same year as Drones, especially after he was passed by Devin Farrell last fall. I’m excited to see how Watson throws the ball in person, though I think it’s very unlikely that either true freshman makes an impact this season.

Virginia Tech

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