The First Bank & Trust Company Friday Q&A: Richmond Recruiting, Recruiting Rankings, And Offensive Scheme

Braylon Johnson, Virginia Tech
Braylon Johnson is an important Richmond recruit for Virginia Tech. (Instagram)

1) What changed in Richmond for Virginia Tech? I believe a few years ago you had an article that the recruits from that area weren’t really high caliber and problematic. Am I misremembering that? (likely) – atlhokie1

Chris Coleman: I’ve written thousands of articles, so it’s tough to remember what I have and haven’t written. I do remember writing this article in the summer of 2015, noting that the Hokies had completely lost their Richmond recruiting presence. That turned out to be true – Tech didn’t sign a single Richmond-area recruit in Frank Beamer’s final two recruiting classes (2015 and 2016).

The Hokies did sign a lot of Richmond guys from 2012-14, but their success at the college level was limited…

2012: Nigel Williams, Augie Conte, Joel Caleb, Jerome Wright, Deon Clarke, Desmond Frye