Monday Thoughts: Feeling Beaten Down

Norell Pollard Virginia Tech
The six-game losing streak has Norell Pollard and Virginia Tech looking for answers. (Jon Fleming)

It’s rare that I sit down to do a Monday Thoughts and feel uninspired.

I know that in recent years you have come to expect a different viewpoint, a stream of quirkiness and often downright humor here in MT. If you go back and look at the stuff I used to write years ago, it was crammed full of all sorts of detail about down and distance, play calls, key stats and moments from the game – very intense stuff directly related to game action. Then I would philosophize to close out the article.

In recent years, as the post-game analysis other TSL writers were doing got more and more detailed and impressive, and the TSL Podcast started squeezing me for time (especially since we started to do a Monday edition), I no longer had the ability to watch every game in detail and analyze it down to the nth degree. Plus, others were just flat better at it.

I started opining to Chris Coleman that I thought things were passing me by, and that I didn’t think that kind of stuff was in my wheelhouse anymore. “Well,” he said, “you call it Monday Thoughts. Literally just give us your Monday Thoughts.”