Virginia Tech Basketball Season Is Upon Us

Virginia Tech
It’s almost time for Virginia Tech basketball. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech began preseason basketball practice in early October, and the season tips off on Monday, November 7 when the Hokies host Delaware State. This 2022-23 Tech basketball team features some faces that you are very familiar with, but it also has a lot of new names.

The Hokies have a bye week in football, and they surely need it. I think most of us here at TSL need it as well. We’re definitely going to do some football content this week, but we also want to break away from it a little bit and focus on basketball. I think this Tech team can be good – perhaps even very good – depending on how a few things work out.

I suppose we’ve become one of those who we used to make fun of. We’re in the middle of a bad football season, and we’re looking forward to basketball season not only because the team is good, but because mentally we need something else to think about besides football. Maybe that doesn’t quite describe you, but it certainly describes me.

Studying the roster in the preseason, I’ve got several talking points. We’ll focus on them today.