The First Bank & Trust Company Friday Q&A: Transfer Portal Talk

Grant Wells Virginia Tech
Should Virginia Tech bring in a transfer QB in the offseason? (Ivan Morozov)

1) Given our current QB situation: Wells having looked average, Brown set to graduate, one of Farrell and Bullock being a potential transfer candidate after this spring, and only taking one freshman QB so far… would you like to see us add a transfer portal QB to compete with Wells, or use the 4th QB scholarship on a second true freshman recruit to add long term depth? – djd_vt

Chris Coleman: With Brown graduating, here is what the current VT QB situation looks like for 2023 in their current order on the depth chart, plus the incoming freshman…

1: Grant Wells, r-Sr. (with a COVID year in 2024 if he so chooses)
2: Devin Farrell, r-Fr.
3: Tahj Bullock, r-So.
4: Dylan Wittke, Fr.

Would Bullock stick around to the spring to try and give himself a chance to move ahead of Farrell, or would he leave at the end of this semester? Because if he waits and then you decide to not take a transfer QB, and then Bullock ends up transferring in May, then you’re stuck in a bad situation because there probably won’t be any good transfer QBs available at that stage. So whatever happens there in terms of attrition, I would prefer it to happen in December.

Bullock and Wittke are inexperienced football players in general. Bullock was behind another FBS quarterback his first two years in high school, and then got his senior season cut short because of COVID. The result is that he only started 17 high school games, and the big development year between his junior and senior seasons didn’t happen because he was stuck indoors due to the world situation.

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I think Wittke is a developmental prospect due to similar situations. He didn’t become a starter until his senior season. He was previously splitting time with 2022 Stanford signee Ashton Daniels at quarterback. He’s not going to be anywhere near ready when he sets foot on campus. Tech has also been taking a look at other high school quarterbacks in case they want to sign another, but I’m not sure where they stand right now.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit conflicted. I think Virginia Tech needs to take a transfer quarterback if they can find the right guy, but at the same time, I’m sick of the quarterback carousel. Absolutely sick of it. There’s no guarantee that a transfer would beat out Wells. As you said, right now, Wells is an average quarterback, though he’s got a good arm and is a good athlete, so he’s got the potential to be a good QB, especially with two years of eligibility remaining. He’s got a chance to be a 3-year starter for Virginia Tech.

I’m not sure about his graduation