Monday Thoughts: Chapel Hell

CJ McCray Virginia Tech Omarion Hampton North Carolina
Tech’s CJ McCray tracks UNC tailback Omarion Hampton in Saturday’s 41-10 loss … what, you didn’t think I could write a serious caption in Monday Thoughts? (Ivan Morozov)

This is a different situation than what we’re used to.

I’ll start off by saying this isn’t going to be a long dissertation on what the Hokies are doing wrong, whether or not they’ve got the right coaching staff, is this a talent/coaching issue, etc. Chris Coleman and our other analysts handle those discussions very well.

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about those issues since the end of the game Saturday. I’ve spent my time realizing that the on-field performance is a train wreck right now, and I’m feeling a legitimate fear that it won’t be turned around by this staff. Not just this season, but ever, leading us into the coaching carousel again.

Regarding that second feeling — the fear — there is definitely a long hill to climb from where Virginia Tech is right now to becoming a winning program again. And you know what? We have no way of knowing if they can make that climb. None. There are some bad signs, sure. If you’re asking me if what Virginia Tech is doing right now can be turned around into a winning program, I’d say no. You can’t keep doing what the Hokies are doing and win football games.