Monday Thoughts: Things Take a Bad Turn

WVU Virginia Tech football 2022
This TD pass right before halftime put WVU up for good. (Jon Fleming)

This one was pivotal to the mindset of Hokie Nation, and it didn’t go well, to say the least. As I think about what to write/say here, I’m resisting the urge to go off the deep end and make big pronouncements. It’s still early in this coaching staff’s tenure, and certainly there are some warning signs (cough – 15 penalties again – cough), but caution and more data are needed, not to mention hope for improvement.

After all, what’s the alternative? To believe that this team won’t rush for over 100 yards against any remaining Power 5 opponents, and will thus struggle to win again? That’s a dark turn I don’t want to take yet because we’re only four games in. If we all want to keep our sanity, we’ll have to let more games play out.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my concerns, and we’ll eventually get to them. But let’s talk about the game a little first.

Can You Win a Game Like This?

I’ve seen some discussion of the calls that went against Virginia Tech, the plays the Hokies didn’t make, the bounces that didn’t go right, etc. And the answer is, “It doesn’t matter. You can’t win when you get whipped in the trenches like this.” That’s true, but that shouldn’t invalidate bemoaning the missed opportunities and twists of fate along the way.