Monday Thoughts: Back to the Future

Marty McFly Virginia Tech
“Is that Virginia Tech … playing really, really good defense? Wow!” (Jon Fleming and Marty McFly)

Week one was a difficult week. Anytime Frank Beamer lost a game like the one Brent Pry’s Virginia Tech team lost to Old Dominion – Miami-OH 1997, Temple 1998, JMU 2010, etc. – there was a history to fall back on, some faith that Beamer could right the ship, and that the program was better than what you just witnessed.

Even when Justin Fuente lost games like that, there was some historical context for things. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but at least it existed.

When VT lost to ODU in a flurry of turnovers, penalties and general incompetence, there was no history, no context. We didn’t know how to gauge what we were seeing; we just knew it was bad.

Of course, that causes a portion of the fan base to simply put things on blast and fire away. Here’s an example from the YouTube comments on our post-ODU podcast: