DJ Toliver Ready To Begin Junior Season

DJ Toliver
Offensive Line, Class of 2024
Lord Botetourt, Daleville, VA
6-5, 270

There’s a handful of early options on the table for Lord Botetourt (Va.) offensive tackle DJ Toliver. As of now,’s No. 11 player in Virginia for the 2024 class has scholarship offers from Virginia Tech, Virginia, Louisville and Liberty.

Toliver insists it’s a bit early for him to push forward too much with his recruitment, but he’s seen one of those schools recently and will likely see more soon as the college football season gets underway.

“Really, I’m still open to anything,” Toliver said. “I’m just seeing where the road takes me in the end. I really don’t know what I want to do right now. I just really don’t want to close any doors or shut people down off the bat.”

Toliver’s only recent visit was July 30 for the Hokies’ barbecue. Prior to that, he said he’s made a handful of other trips to Blacksburg.

“The overall experience was really good,” Toliver said. “I got to talk to Coach (Joe) Rudolph and the rest of the staff. Also, their coaching staff looks like they’re looking for a better future for Virginia Tech as a whole. Also, they have a good vision set for the new season.”

Rudolph has been Toliver’s primary recruiter for the Hokies. So far, they’ve established a good rapport.

“Ever since I first talked with him and went to camp, he’s taught me some things I can learn for myself and take onto the field,” Toliver said. “The one main thing is like many other coaches, he sees potential in me. I just need to learn it, take it to the field, get it polished and better and I’ll be good to go.”

As a local option, Toliver said he’s intrigued by Virginia Tech, but he’s also open to whatever options present themselves.

“Overall, with the program, I’m excited to see what happens with the new staff,” Toliver said. “I like the atmosphere, especially since the campus is combined with the town itself. It doesn’t really matter too much to me, proximity-wise. I’ve traveled overseas, away from home. It’s not much of a challenge, really.”

Toliver isn’t much further from another in-state offer, Virginia. He last visited the Cavaliers on June 7 for a camp.

“It’s kind of similar to Virginia Tech,” Toliver said. “It’s a really nice atmosphere. Some people, it feels like home. With Coach (Tony) Elliott and the new staff and his vision and making champions out of men, there’s something special going on there that can change the tide for this season. With UVA and Tech, they have a lot of the same things going on, so I’m curious what will happen between those two.”

Toliver has visited Louisville just once, in April, but what he experienced has him intrigued about the Cardinals.

“Even though it was a one-time sweep through, it seems like a pretty nice place,” Toliver said. “Mainly, overall and the whole aspect of how when it’s game night, from what I saw, Louisville goes wild. The interesting part is when it comes down to game nights, they close down everything so everyone can make it. It seems like that’s a majority of the city.”

This fall, Toliver said he plans to take in a number of college football games, but has none planned as of now. Regardless, wherever he visits, he said he’s looking at the same criteria.

“Honestly, it just comes down to where I feel most comfortable and where will lead me in a specific direction career-wise,” Toliver said. “I’m not really looking at a major, but I want to do something more in computers, more like coding. It’s been one of the main interests I have when looking at specific colleges.”

Lord Botetourt kicks off its season Friday at home against EC Glass (Va.). Toliver said he believes this season will set him up for more individual, as well as team success.

“I’d say for starters, on the field, off and during practice, there’s a different setting of leadership that was not there last year,” he said. “Our varsity team, a majority have played since our freshman season and coach has watched us since then. We see the potential in us, all we have to do is build it up more and show what we can do.”

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