The First Bank & Trust Company Friday Q&A: Metrics To Consider

Virginia Tech
The arm of Grant Wells would combine well (no pun intended) with former Virginia Tech wide receiver Andre Davis. (Jon Fleming)

1) What former Hokie wide receiver would you want to plug into this year’s offense for Virginia Tech and why? – kjhokie

Chris Coleman: This will be a very short answer, which isn’t normal for my Q&As, because it’s such an easy answer. Andre Davis. Davis is the fastest wide receiver, and arguably fastest overall football player, in program history. This season, Virginia Tech has what appears to be one of its best deep-ball throwers in school history. I’d love to live in an alternate universe where those two guys were on the field at the same time.

In case you forgot how fast Davis was, I’ll present you with a video clip.

Those aren’t college players that he did that against; those are NFL players. They are the fastest football players on the planet, and Davis made them look like they were running in sand.

The combination of Michael Vick and Davis was deadly. Very few quarterbacks had the arm that could match the speed of Davis, and very few wide receivers had the speed that could catch up to a deep ball uncorked by Vick. That was a unique and deadly combination.

I’m not saying Wells has a Vick-arm, but it is really good, and the coaches have really praised his deep-ball accuracy. A receiver like Davis would be a great match with the strengths that Wells brings to the table.

Virginia Tech
How long will Malachi Thomas be out, and how will that affect the Virginia Tech running game? (Ivan Morozov)

2) It’s really hard to set expectations. Any metrics worth tracking? Yards per rush? Plays per game? Tackles for loss? 20+ yard plays? – st_andrew

CC: I’m not sure what I’m expecting from a plays per game standpoint. What’s the tempo going to be like? Tyler Bowen has exactly one game as an OC at the FBS level, so there’s not a lot of data to draw from. Will running more plays give the Hokies a better