A Closer Look At Virginia Tech Linebacker Recruiting

Caleb Woodson, Virginia Tech
Linebacker Caleb Woodson with coaches Chris Marve and Shawn Quinn. (@CalebWoodson3)

Let’s start this analysis by first looking at the current linebackers that are in the Virginia Tech program.

Mike: Dax Hollfield (Sr.), Keshon Artis (r-Jr.), Dean Ferguson (r-So.)
Will: Alan Tisdale (r-Jr.), Jaden Keller (r-Fr.), Jayden McDonald (r-Fr.), Will Johnson (r-Fr.)
Sam: Keonta Jenkins (So.), J.R. Walker (r-So.), Keli Lawson (r-Fr.)

At Mike, Dax Hollifield is done after this season, and we don’t know for a fact that Keshon Artis will decide to use his COVID year and play for a sixth season. Behind those two, Dean Ferguson is a relative unknown.

At Will, Alan Tisdale returns as a starter with a lot of snaps under his belt. However, his career has sort of gone in the wrong direction, and like Artis, there’s no guarantee that he will choose to play a sixth season. The coaches are very impressed with Jaden Keller, and I think he’ll be on the field a lot this season. Unfortunately, Will Johnson keeps having shoulder issues, which is a tough thing to overcome, particularly when it happens early in your career.