The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Regional Recruiting Ties, NIL, Super Regionals, And More

Virginia Tech
NIL has been kind to Virginia Tech forward Justyn Mutts. (Liam Sment)

1) Who at Virginia Tech is winning NIL so far? (At least as far as we can tell?) – Vtskier1

Chris Coleman: The only one I can think of for sure is Justyn Mutts. He made somewhere around $35-40k off of his poster deals (by the way, they are still available for purchase by clicking here). He gave us permission to share the numbers, because we think it’s important for the numbers to be out there so it could potentially help with future Virginia Tech recruiting.

That said, no other specific deals for Virginia Tech athletes have been reported, at least as far as the amount of money that changed hands. We know that the offensive line can eat for free at a local BBQ place (Mission BBQ in Christiansburg). We know some small deals here and there for promoting products and businesses on social media, but no monetary details have been announced. I doubt there is what you could call a serious amount of money rolling in for those deals, though.

Overall, specific NIL deals are not going to be reported. It will happen here and there. For example, John Ruiz, the Miami booster, was very specific when announcing some of his NIL deals with Miami players. He knows that by putting the numbers out there, it will help Miami recruiting. Whether or not those recruits actually go on to get deals of their own remains to be seen, but for now, by announcing that Kansas State transfer Nijel Pack signed a two-year deal worth $800k with Ruiz’s LifeWallet, he knows that will draw recruits’ attention to Miami basketball and Miami athletics as a whole.

Likewise, you’ll see some other things that are reported by journalists and sources at various schools. For example, it has been reported that former Pitt receiver Jordan Addison may be earning $3.5 million by transferring to USC. Trojan sources refute that claim, and so does head coach Lincoln Riley, but you would expect them to refute it. So maybe he’s making 3.5 million, or maybe he’s not. We don’t know it for a fact either way.

For a VT-specific example, we heard that Tayvion Robinson went to Kentucky because of an NIL deal. He had an NIL deal with a car dealership out in the 757 that gave him free access to a vehicle, but he decided to go to Kentucky because it was a better deal. I assume it was a money deal because that overrides a car, since like everybody else he already had a car. But I don’t know any of that for a 100% fact, and even if it is true, I don’t know the specific amount.

Point being, it’s not going to be common for us to know NIL numbers for Virginia Tech athletes or athletes at other schools. We’ll hear things about Tech and other schools from time to time, but it’s going to be rare that the numbers are officially validated.

Virginia Tech

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