Virginia Tech Hosts Large Group Of Official Visitors

Caleb Woodson, Virginia Tech
Linebacker Caleb Woodson with coaches Chris Marve and Shawn Quinn at Virginia Tech. (@CalebWoodson3)

Last week, I wrote an article that went over the six players who we knew would be taking an official visit to Virginia Tech for the weekend of June 10. As it turned out, a few more recruits visited than I originally thought. Today, we’ll talk about those guys who visited and where the Hokies may stand with each of them.

Here’s a list of the players who we listed in last week’s article…

QB Dylan Wittke (VT Commit)
S DaShawn Stone
ATH Thomas Williams
LB Caleb Woodson
LB Jordan Bass
LB/DE Ta’Mere Robinson

Here are the other guys who visited who we didn’t know about…

RB London Montgomery
LB Tavorian Copeland
OT Kamen Smith
RB Peyton Jones

That’s a lot of linebackers. Maybe I should dedicate a recruiting article to linebackers like I did with the offensive line earlier this week. In fact, let me write it on my day planner for next week. Just a sec…done.

We know that Dylan Wittke has already committed to the Hokies, so we’re going to skip him and talk about those uncommitted players. As I’ve stated before, the only way to judge true interest between a school and a recruit is to see if there is an official visit. Recruits are limited to five official visits, so they aren’t going to waste one on a school they aren’t considering. Likewise, schools are only allowed to host a certain number of recruits officially during one recruiting cycle, and they aren’t going to waste them on guys they aren’t seriously interested in signing.

These days, with the vast majority of schools “offering” 200+ or even 300+ players, this is the only way I know of to try and understand who the Hokies are actually serious about, and who is actually serious about the Hokies. It can certainly get confusing.

This past weekend, I had a conversation with a Northwestern football staff member. Northwestern is one of those rare schools who doesn’t send out an offer unless it is truly a committable offer. He described to me what it’s like to recruit players who think they have offers from some of the big programs, but who actually don’t. The conversation goes something like this…

Recruit: “I just got an offer from Ohio State.”

Coach: “It’s not a real offer.”

Recruit: “What? What does that mean?”

Coach: “Call them up right now and try to commit. That will tell you whether or not you’ve got a real offer. Then you’ll see what I mean.”

I think that’s a good story, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled article. Here are the guys who visited last weekend, and my take on each prospect…

S DaShawn Stone: Stone is a safety from Asheville, North Carolina. He’s already visited UVA officially, and he’ll visit Duke on June 24. He currently has no other official visits scheduled, so this could be a 3-way battle, though he also holds a Wake Forest offer.

ATH Thomas Williams: Though Williams