London Montgomery Recaps Virginia Tech Official Visit

London Montgomery
Running back, Class of 2023
Scranton Prep, Scranton, PA
5-10, 180

This month, there are three official visits for Scranton Prep (Pa.) three-star running back London Montgomery. While he might still not be ready to make a decision afterward, he should be at least closer to that point.

Last weekend, Montgomery made his first official visit, to Virginia Tech. This weekend, he’ll be at Penn State, while the following weekend will consist of an official trip to Boston College. Montgomery said he hopes each stop provides a bit more clarity.

“It’s going to come down to where I feel most comfortable, where I’ll succeed and what betters my future,” he said. “I was thinking of industrial design or arts for my major. Just something under the architecture umbrella. I want to draw cars.”

Montgomery’s visit to Blacksburg last weekend was his second. He also made an unofficial trip last month. But his most recent visit gave him a chance to see the Hokies a bit more in-depth.

“They welcomed us and showed us to all the coaches, played Pictionary to break the ice with the players,” Montgomery said. “It was nice. We got to meet all the players, then had mentors. I had Malachi Thomas. They introduced us to what some of the players do, went bowling, ate breakfast with the coaches. We just had a good time, spent time with the coaches to build more of a relationship.”

Virginia Tech’s primary recruiters have been a combination of assistant coach Stu Holt and offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen. Montgomery said he’s been impressed with both.

“They’re very honest,” he said. “They always shoot it straight with me. I like that, that they always tell the truth. They’re just overall great guys. There are coaches out there who aren’t as good of guys, and I appreciate (Bowen and Holt) for being honest with me.”

After a pair of in-person visits, Montgomery said he feels like he has a good feel for the Hokies overall.

“I mean, I took an official because I feel very interested in them,” he said. “They kind of got on the scene a little later, but did a good job. They did it the right way, the way I feel comfortable. That’s what it’s about, so I’m very interested. That’s where I stand right now.”

Montgomery has already seen Penn State multiple times. But this weekend, he said he hopes to get an even better idea of what he can expect in State College.

“I’ve been there so many times, and they did a great job recruiting me,” Montgomery said. “I’m also very interested in them, so I have to see what they offer on the official. I just want to compare them to the other schools, see what I like. I’m just trying to feel everything out.”

Boston College has been in the picture for a while, but Montgomery said he still wants to see more of the Eagles.

“Coach (Savon) Huggins, that whole staff, not just one, the whole staff makes me feel comfortable,” he said. “Coach (Jeff) Hafley makes me feel very comfortable. He’s just a great guy, a family first guy. He makes me feel comfortable when I talk and sit down with him. Coach Huggins, I have a great connection with him. We can relate, so it helps when we communicate.”

For now, Montgomery doesn’t want to put a timetable on any decision. It could happen in the fall, after more visits, or it could come sooner. Either way, Montgomery said he feels like he’s made progress.

“I’m glad I got these three visits set, so I’ll focus on these three and go from there after,” he said. “I’m in the process of cutting some schools down to relieve some stress off my back. Where I am right now, I’m still in the process of cutting schools down. When the time is right, I’ll talk to schools and say, ‘no thank you.’ Just schools I’m interested in, I’ll keep making decisions