Marcell Baylor Recounts Virginia Tech Decision

Marcell Baylor
Marcell Baylor committed to Virginia Tech earlier this month. (@BaylorMarcell)

Marcell Baylor
Wide Receiver, Class of 2023
Radford High School, Radford, VA
6-3, 195

The scholarship offer from Virginia Tech had been there for a while, since Jan. 15 to be exact. Well before and after that date, Radford (Va.) three-star athlete Marcell Baylor had visited the Hokies’ campus more times than he can count, and he’d seen about every aspect of the school and football program there was to see.

On May 10, however, Baylor had a conversation that ultimately got him to the decision to commit to Virginia Tech. Early that morning, Hokie assistant coach Fontel Mines made an in-person visit to Baylor’s school. After that more than 30-minute conversation, Baylor said he knew his college destination was the one many long thought would happen. He committed to Virginia Tech that evening.

“The more you sit down and talk to a person who’s lived the same life you have, that’s it,” Baylor said of that conversation. “That’s your vibe, and you find your peace when you get there, settling down. I don’t know about any other kids, but it’s a school that’s close to home, showing you that love, and they really want to see you do something, that they care. They’re going to put 110% into your career, your life. That’s where you belong.”

Overall, Baylor said there were many reasons for his decision, but his talk with Mines put it all into perspective.

“Man, I put Tech No. 1 because in my mind, how I think me and my brother, the Tech coaches look at it, this could be a legacy,” Baylor said. “There’s probably people like, ‘he’s just another kid from Radford.’ But at the end of the day, I’m about to go prove them wrong and show why I’m not another kid. I’m going to go show you what I can do no matter what. I’m going to show what I can do every day to go and get better. I’m hoping for three years, that’s what I’m going for.”

Baylor said assistant coach Pierson Prioleau was also a factor. Headed into his fourth season at Virginia Tech, Prioleau was previously the defensive coordinator at Radford High School. He played a role in Baylor’s early development.

“That’s a great guy, a great person to be around,” Baylor said. “He’s a full-time father figure to the kids he’s coaching now, the ones he’s coached in the past. Coach P has the energy, just every day. He loves what he does, loves to teach young men to do the right things, go be great and achieve what you haven’t achieved in life. We’ve had our talks, and just so much where everything is just natural. We just talk about anything.”

For now, both coaches, along with offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen, have Baylor penciled in as a wide receiver. But the staff has also told him that’s subject to change.

“They just put me down as an athlete,” Baylor said. “Coach (Mines) called and told