The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: 2023 Recruiting And Coastal Division Thoughts

Virginia Tech
Brent Pry currently has no commits for the 2023 class. Is that a concern? Probably not. (Virginia Tech athletics photography)

1) With no commitments for Virginia Tech for the 2023 class so far, are we behind schedule? – st_andrew

Chris Coleman: Here are the number of 2023 commits by ACC school so far…

BC: 4
Clemson: 1
Duke: 2
FSU: 5
GT: 0
L’Ville: 6
Miami: 3
UNC: 1
Pitt: 1
Cuse: 1
UVA: 0
VT: 0
Wake: 0

Tech is one of four ACC teams without a commitment right now, so I don’t see any huge cause for concern. Remember, not every new offer sent out by Brent Pry and his staff has even taken a visit to Virginia Tech yet.

I actually think I’d be a little bit concerned if Tech had a lot of early commits. Take Louisville and their six commitments for example. That’s six guys who won’t graduate from high school for another 15 months. That’s a long time, and some growth projections will hold up of course, but others won’t. Take a look at the size and position of five of their six commits…

ATH, 6-2, 150
S, 6-2, 175
CB, 5-11, 161
DE, 6-5, 203
CB, 5-11, 155

That’s a couple of corners who are under 165, a really skinny defensive end, and the guy who is listed at 6-2, 150…geez. Point being, that’s a whole lot of unknown. Take former VT DE Alec Bryant, and former 757 recruit Naquan Brown. Both players were once committed to LSU early, and when they didn’t progress as expected, LSU was quick to cut them lose. Brown just stopped growing after his junior season of high school, and he now plays for Norfolk State after spending one year at Pitt figuring out that he wasn’t a P5 player. Yet he was once committed to LSU!

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I’ve said this before, but I don’t particularly like that the recruiting calendar has been pushed up so much. There is still so much growing and developing for 2023 guys to do. For some, it’s obvious that they are P5 prospects, but others will need to be monitored between now and December. The problem with that is most commitments happen over the summer, so there aren’t many spots available for those late bloomers who don’t emerge until their senior season.

So yes, I’d like to get a commitment soon, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Hokies pick up one or two after their first spring junior event next weekend. However, you’ve got to be careful about which guys you take this early in the process.

2) Why will the men win the Big Dance and football go 12-0? In honor of our eternally optimistic friend, johnnyhawk. – Brewing_Hokie

CC: Because…