The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Football And Basketball Talk

Virginia Tech, Chamarri Conner
Virginia Tech safety Chamarri Conner still has plenty of potential in the right player development program. (Ivan Morozov)

1) I believe we have one returning All-ACC performer in our third-team punter. Perhaps one or two returning that made honorable mention. So who do project as our best bet to make All-ACC in the fall? – grtmmt

Chris Coleman: Dax Hollifield, Nasir Peoples and Chamarri Conner were Honorable Mention All-ACC players for Virginia Tech last season, though considering the fact that Peoples had one of the lowest safety grades in the conference last year, sometimes I wonder what the people who do the voting are actually looking at. Peoples had a really good season-opener against UNC on a Friday night, and everybody watched that game, so I assume that’s where the votes come from. Not that I’m down on Peoples or anything…I just think he was poorly developed, and that’s not his fault.

Your overall point is that the Hokies lack star power, and I agree with that. When you look at the roster, nobody really jumps out at you, except for punter Peter Moore. Let’s hope he doesn’t get on the field very often this season.

I don’t see Dax Hollifield as a First Team All-ACC player, but with improvement and better coaching I could perhaps see him jumping up to the Third Team level. There are two other defensive guys who I’ll really be watching, for two different reasons…