And Now Virginia Tech Can Move Forward

Virginia Tech J.C. Price
J.C. Price went 1-2 as interim head coach for Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

Justin Fuente was fired by Virginia Tech back on November 16. That was about six weeks ago, but the Fuente era didn’t truly end until yesterday. Since then, we’ve been stuck somewhere in the middle. First there was the coaching search with JC Price serving as interim, and then the Hokies hired Brent Pry. Except Pry wasn’t actually coaching the team yet…he was putting together his coaching staff and recruiting while Price and Fuente’s outgoing assistants prepared the players for the bowl game. Yes, Pry has been Virginia Tech’s head coach for about a month, but he hasn’t really been the head coach.

Now the season is over. Now the Justin Fuente era is really over, and we can all move forward. Now Brent Pry is really the head coach. He was at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, and he saw exactly what he has coming back next season. He’s obviously got a lot of work to do, and if he didn’t realize that before, he realizes it now.

This article isn’t so much about yesterday’s game as it is about other thoughts as we hit the offseason and look to the future. How much can we really talk about yesterday’s game? We can’t take too much out of it. I want to make two points…

1: Virginia Tech’s leading receiver (among the wide receivers) who played in yesterday’s game, in terms of receptions for the entire season, is (drumroll)…walk-on Luke Bussel, who caught both of his passes in yesterday’s game. No other wide receiver who played yesterday has more than one catch on the season.