Maryland Scouting Report, Part 2: Defense And Special Teams

Jordan Mosley has been the best defender for the Maryland Terrapins. (Maryland athletics)

Over the season, the Maryland defense has either played well or gotten atomized, with not many games in between. Defensive coordinator Brian Stewart is from the Wade Wilson school, so an aggressive 3-4 is his base defense. You’ll see the usual nickel subs, of course, as well as even and Bear fronts, too. The defense likes to align to the back, so you might see defensive tackles bumping around if Tech moves the RB around before the snap.

The biggest thing that jumped out at me was how poorly the defense did against jet and rocket motion. How bad? Bad to the point that I’m not sure they can fix it up even with some extra bowl prep time. Here’s Michigan with the rocket swing:

It seemed like for most of the game that Michigan had the Terps’ blitz packages figured out; here, you can even see the #2 receiver to the field pointing out an alert. On this play, they catch Maryland rushing eight. Ideally, someone peels off with the swing player, but there’s a decent chance it’s not even part of the call. Even if it had been, it would’ve been tough to cover.

Okay, but that’s playoff-bound Michigan. Let’s see what lowly Rutgers did: