Virginia Tech-UVA Review: Virginia Tech Torches The UVA Defense

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Thank you, thank you very much.

Let’s do this one chronologically, and by golly, let’s do it with a focus on positive vibes.

A stalled drive and a downer of a defensive effort by the Hokies allowed the Cavs to strike first, but the Hokies came back with the rarest of birds—the deep strike TD:

Burmeister had only six completions on the day, but half of those were deep shots. He’s probably held together with ACE bandages and duct tape at this point, but he gets the ball out there. The Hoos send three, keep four shallow, and have another four defenders deep, but the routes manage to isolate the secondary defenders. Robinson is left one-on-one with safety Coen King (#9) trying to defend the post, and the Hokie outruns him to six points. Notice that the catch isn’t the cleanest—if King hadn’t been beaten so badly, he might’ve had a play on the ball.

Burmeister also got involved in the run game:

This is either an Inside Zone Read call tagged with a flat option, or the Inside Zone is dummy all the way and Burmeister can only keep or get the ball to Kaleb Smith on the motion. If it’s the former, it looks like he’s reading the field linebacker