Virginia Scouting Report: Big-Time Passing Offense, But Defense Lacking

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech faces UVA on Saturday. (Virginia Tech sports photography)

The Hokies look to rebuild their winning streak against the Hoos in C’ville tomorrow. Let’s see what Virginia is bringing to the game against Virginia Tech.

Virginia Offense

Brennan Armstrong (QB, #5) again leads the way. He shanked last year’s performance against the Hokies, though I wouldn’t expect lightning to strike twice. Even after the busted ribs, he’s completing tough throws, whether hitting guys on the opposite hash, or dropping dimes into tight voids in zones:

The first one’s an easy read, with him checking just long enough to make sure the safety is staying over before he hits his receiver, but that’s a lot of field to cover. On the second, he sees the low defenders are all moving laterally, and he hits his man right behind them in a very tight window. Against Pitt’s secondary, he was 36/50 for 485 yards. What’s impressive is that he did most of his damage in the middle of the field within 20 yards of the LOS, which is darn hard to do against Pitt’s press-quarters coverage.

He’s also still a run threat, both on designed plays and scrambles, and he’s got enough stutter and wiggle to get Hokie safeties and linebackers tackling air, if they don’t come in smart. His few interceptions aren’t from off-target throws or tight coverage, but from not seeing zone defenders, which gives Tech a chance.