The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: The Modern Head Coach, and Specific Program Needs

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@AlexORJ1 Twitter
Quarterback Alex Orji is arguably the crown jewel of Virginia Tech’s 2022 recruiting class. Are he and other 2022 commitments looking around? (@AlexORJ1 Twitter)

1) I’ve been intrigued by the lack of decommits from our 2022 football recruiting class under the current circumstances regarding our coaching uncertainty. Do you:

  1. A) Think they (recruits) are just waiting and seeing what happens over the next few weeks?
  2. B) The above, however, making contingency plans (more likely, of course) and just not announcing they are re-opening their recruitment or decommitting?
  3. C) Staying committed because of anticipated abnormally large losses due to usual attrition via seniors, transfers because of likely coaching changes, discontent with lack of playing time, etc. and the upcoming required roster reduction (due to Covid)? In other words, do you think with the expected higher than usual player losses they see a greater opportunity to get on the field early or a more favorable depth chart situation?
  4. D) All of (or a bit of all) of the above –