Monday Thoughts: An Offensive Low-Point Puts Fuente on the Brink

Justin Fuente Virginia Tech
Portrait of a man under siege. (Virginia Tech Athletics Photography)

There’s an air of acceptance now that this is going to be Justin Fuente’s last season at Virginia Tech. If he is retained as head coach after the way this season has gone/is going, then he should get Comeback Coach of the Year, though I know that’s not a thing anywhere.

As nutty as this sounds, this wasn’t the gospel truth as recently as Friday afternoon. Things had been looking gloomy after losing four out of five games, culminating in a loss to Syracuse, but then Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech, and all three of us here at TSL picked the Hokies to beat Boston College … and the conversation changed.

We realized that wins over BC and Duke would put the Hokies at 6-4, and then anything can happen against Miami. And lastly, Virginia has one of the worst defenses in the nation, and Brennan Armstrong’s rib(s) were an unknown after suffering an injury against BYU.

7-5 looked doable, maybe even 8-4 if things broke right. Fu could survive that (assuming he wanted to), especially if he reworked his offensive staff, right?