The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Jaden Payoute, Future QBs, The RFE Campaign, And More

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Virginia Tech, Jaden Payoute
Jaden Payoute has not caught a pass this season. (Dave Knachel, Virginia Tech Athletics)

1) Why hasn’t Jaden Payoute contributed at WR? Admittedly the only reason I know anything about him is because of what I read about him on here, but it just seems head scratching to me, that we supposedly have this WR that can stretch the field, but we never play him. – TekkNerd

Chris Coleman: Payoute is a redshirt freshman, but he’s been in the program for a long time, and the coaches and players have done nothing but rave about his overall athletic ability. He’s in the two-deep, yet he has not caught a single pass all season.

We’ve heard rumblings that the former 4-star wide receiver isn’t happy about his situation right now. You guys know how it is these days. Wide receivers who don’t catch any passes often transfer. I’m not saying that Payoute is leaving; I’m just saying that considering the era of college football that we’re in, we have to consider