Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech Review: Hokies Scheme Up Jackets

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech knocked off Georgia Tech on Saturday. (Ivan Morozov)

I’m glad Virginia Tech came out on top, but this was a tough win to get excited about. It seemed like the teams traded mistakes, and Georgia Tech lost the game more than VT won it. Both teams couldn’t say “no” to penalties, the Hokie defense looked like they were trying to tackle greased ghosts out there, the Jackets gave up ugly coverage busts, and both offenses left Bobby Dodd with bullet-peppered feet.

On offense, Tre Turner had the lion’s share of memorable moments. While his best plays on the day were some tough grabs in traffic, it was defensive lapses that left him open for momentum-changing rambles:

The secret sauce happens before the snap. Tech’s spotters catch that the Jackets have a second-stringer (Myles Sims, CB #16) subbed in. Before he has a chance to get his feet wet, Cornelsen calls a stalk-and-go where the Hokies fake a perimeter screen, then send the would-be blockers running deep. Sims sees the bubble forming, and