Virginia Tech-Syracuse Review: The Day of Despicable Run Defense

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Virginia Tech
Both defenses struggled to stop the run in Saturday’s Virginia Tech-Syracuse game. (Jon Fleming)

I caught the new Dune adaptation Saturday night, and I thought it turned out pretty good. Which is weird, because there were lots of little things that kept pulling me out of the movie—another Zimmerman & Co. wailing lady score, occasionally wonky CG, inconsistencies with how the shields worked, weird tone shifts when verbatim dialogue from the book clashed with scripted dialogue, etc.

You know, it might’ve seemed better because of what I watched beforehand.

The Day of Despicable Run Defense, Pt. 1: Syracuse

Tech mauled Syracuse with gap-scheme and sorta-gap-scheme runs like Split Zone. Here’s Blackshear dealing a dose of Counter:

I want to give all the credit to the Hokies, but the Orange just look unprepared. They’re slow to the ball and eating blocks for the most part. When playing an odd front