Monday Thoughts: Knowing When It’s Time

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech fell short again, this time against Syracuse. (Jon Fleming)

I feel like I’m playing “Red Light, Green Light” here. You know the game. A player who is “It” hides their eyes and turns away. You start a certain distance away, take little steps, and try to be still if “It” turns around. You take step by step … and at any point, your hard, careful work can be all for naught as you’re sent back to the starting line because the person who is “It” turned their head and saw you moving.

(Yes, I thought of that because I’m watching “Squid Games” on Netflix.)

Thus it is when you’re writing Monday Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon and your head coach can be fired at any moment. I could get 2,000 or 3,000 words into this and have it wiped out by a press release. But let’s proceed anyway.

For those who don’t know, I’m in Delray Beach, Florida as I write this, celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. I got here Thursday afternoon, and while I did manage to watch the game Saturday, it wasn’t an optimal viewing experience. This game was “blacked out” nearly everywhere, so despite being a paid Watch ESPN subscriber, I was unable to view it. (Heads up: the affiliate