Virginia Tech vs. Pitt: A Lack Of Confidence

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Virginia Tech
Confidence is an issue for Virginia Tech right now. (Ivan Morozov)

I was the positive one among our group of game pickers this week on TSL.  I only had Virginia Tech losing at home to Pitt by 11.  Brandon Patterson picked it 35-17, while Will and David each had the Hokies losing by three touchdowns.  As it turns out, those two were right on point.

It’s not the actual result of the game that is disappointing.  That was a bad matchup, and it was something we all expected.  But that’s just it…the fact that we expected Virginia Tech to lose by double digits is what is disappointing.  At home.  To Pitt.

The Panthers are a good, solid football team to be sure, and Kenny Pickett is a great player.  But unless Tech is playing somebody like Clemson, Georgia or Alabama, I don’t feel like we should ever expect the team to get blown out at home.  Sure, it will happen every now and then, but this football program should never expect to get run like the Hokies did yesterday on their own home field.

Yet, that is the state of things.  I woke up yesterday morning fully expecting to lose, and nobody likes that feeling.  When I was walking across campus to my tailgate and somebody asked me how I thought Tech was going to do, I said something like, “Pitt is probably going to roll us pretty good.”  I