Virginia Tech-Notre Dame: Questioning The Running Back Rotation

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It was another heartbreaker on Saturday night in Lane Stadium. (Ivan Morozov)

I don’t have many deep thoughts about Virginia Tech’s 32-29 loss to Notre Dame on Saturday.  All in all, it was a deflating experience. 

There was a Notre Dame family sitting in front of me, and they were really nice folks.  When Notre Dame tied the game at 29, the Tech fan behind me yelled, “it’s over, we’re going to lose.”  One of the Notre Dame kids, a boy of probably seven or eight years old, turned around and said, “it’s tied, you aren’t losing.” 

“Kid,” I said, “let me take this opportunity to tell you the history of Virginia Tech football in big games.  Have you ever heard of Matt Ryan?”

He had.  So I told him about that game.  I told him about Boise State, and maybe a couple of others.  I think he got the point. 

You know what I’m talking about.  Even when the Hokies were winning the game in the fourth quarter, there was still an air of uneasiness.  It’s odd.  I never really felt uneasy during the UNC game.  Maybe it’s because I just fear Brian