The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Where Has The H-Back Position Gone?

Keli Lawson, Virginia Tech
To redshirt or not to redshirt Keli Lawson…that is the question for Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

1) One-third of the way through the season – how is depth?  Is “always be redshirting” working out? Might be too early, but considering people can play in four games are we building for the future? – eodenc

Chris Coleman: Ignoring the true freshmen who are in the two-deep, the Hokies will have to make a decision this week regarding several of their true freshmen.  A few have already made four appearances this season, and they won’t be able to play in anymore games and still preserve their redshirt.

Jalen Stroman is an easy decision.  He’ll keep playing.  He’s a play away from being in the game on defense.  In fact, he played six defensive snaps against WVU because of an injury.  You probably didn’t notice him, and that’s a good thing.  It means he did a solid job and didn’t make any freshman mistakes.

A couple of others aren’t so easy.  Running back Malachi Thomas and wide receiver Keli Lawson have both played in four games.  I like both of those guys a lot, and so do the coaches.  I think both of them could benefit greatly from moving to the scout team so they can focus more on the weight room, especially on Fridays when there is just a walk-through practice and they aren’t really needed.  They can get in probably a couple of really good lifts throughout the week that players who are playing in games can’t get.