Notre Dame Scouting Report Part 2: The Defense

Notre Dame
The Notre Dame defense is a strong unit. (Ivan Morozov)

Notre Dame bases out of an even front. In their playbook, they might not call themselves a 4-3 defense, but it’s what they play like this year, at least, with their hybrid DE (the “Vyper” position) usually playing with a hand on the ground or as a two-point rusher. When the Vyper does back off and play like an OLB, the front will play a single-gap odd defense.

Along with going from odd to even, Notre Dame moves guys around pre-snap and sends a passel of blitzes. Here, seven guys are moving around before the snap:

It’s not just bumping for the motion man—even the corners are moving.

This is a simulated pressure where the OLB (JD Bertrand, #21)) falls off on the rush and takes the QB’s running lane: