The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Future Question Marks, Closing Out the Hoops Class, and More

Virginia Tech
Who will start at quarterback for Virginia Tech in 2022? (Ivan Morozov)

1)  Looking forward, which position(s) concern you most for VT’s future seasons? – Ranger Sam

Chris Coleman: I would have to say, without even giving it a second thought, that quarterback would be my biggest area of concern for the future.  Let’s say that Braxton Burmeister doesn’t return for a sixth season next year.  Tech’s quarterback room would look like this…

Knox Kadum (r-So.)
Connor Blumrick (r-Sr.)
Tahj Bullock (r-Fr.)
Alex Orji (Fr.)

The two most talented players on that list are Bullock and Orji, in my opinion, but both of them will be very young quarterbacks in 2022.  Orji is having a great year down in Texas, but he’ll only be a true freshman.  I like Bullock, too, but what if he needs more time in the oven?

Above those guys you have Knox Kadum and Connor Blumrick.  I don’t think Kadum’s arm is strong enough, Blumrick couldn’t stick at QB at Texas A&M, and thus far Blumrick hasn’t been able to beat out Kadum.  Burmeister has his flaws for sure, but as of right now I’d feel a lot more comfortable if he decides to return for the 2022 season.