Virginia Tech-Richmond Review: Defense Good, Offense Not-So-Good

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CAPTION: “I said choke yourself—now lean forward and choke yourself!”

Here’s my unconventional choice for play of the game:

The Richmond offense had almost no chance of moving the ball without their starting quarterback. Mancuso stays in, and maybe we’re getting the JMU sweats.

And this might be #2:

This looks like a haymaker, but the end zone angle showed that the defensive end is just slightly off-center relative to Braxton Burmeister (#3), and what could’ve been a piledriver hit to the chest turns into more of a glance and drag. If Burmeister gets sidelined, Knox Kadum (#12) is taking snaps, and who knows what that could’ve turned into. 

Don’t get me wrong, the touchdowns were nice, but these two plays were/could’ve been some big rocks tossed in the pond, with some mighty big ripples.

Virginia Tech

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