Monday Thoughts: Caught Up in the Spiders’ Web

Virginia Tech Tre Turner
Tre Turner says, “Eek! There’s a spider! Squish it!” (Ivan Morozov)

This morning during the podcast, I hit upon a way of expressing what this game felt like to me. It felt like a mid-1980s Virginia Tech game.

The opponent was a lower-level in-state school, Lane Stadium wasn’t full (not that I expected it to be), the fans in attendance expected to win and didn’t seem overly concerned, and perhaps, at least for me anyway, peak attention was not being paid to the game itself.

The score itself would up being 1980s-like: Virginia Tech 21, Richmond 10. In fact, in 1984, Virginia Tech beat 1-AA Richmond 21-13 in Lane Stadium, an eerily similar situation and score.

I decided to rustle up that week’s edition of The Hokie Huddler and see what they had to say about it, and I found a few quotes that you can lift from that day 37 years ago – whoa, what, 37 years?? Geez, that was my sophomore year! Has that much time really passed? That’s hard to grasp.