Virginia Tech-Middle Tennessee Review: Dollar General Vanilla Flavoring

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Virginia Tech
It was generally a vanilla performance on both sides of the ball for Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

The Virginia Tech fanbase seems a little uncertain about how to gauge this win, and I’m there, too. Taking it one game at a time, 35-14 doesn’t look bad in the score roundups, and plenty of big-name teams fared much worse. Mitchell’s injury certainly sours it, but it doesn’t change the final score. But if this is a team we want to see take advantage of Coastal chaos before staging a coup against Clemson, it wasn’t the performance that’ll have anyone looking for hotels in Charlotte.

In the big picture, the good news is that Tech won handily. The bad news is that the Hokies started slow. But the good news is that Tech played with one hand tied behind its back because of intentionally conservative play-calling, and they showed that they could tear open an opponent’s seams when they wanted to. The bad news is that the Hokies were sloppy. But some additional good news is that there were spots in the game where Tech showed some clear athletic advantages over MTSU—it might be damning with faint praise,