The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Situation Playcalling, Safety Rotation, True Freshmen, And More

Braxton Burmeister
We could see Braxton Burmeister throw more for Virginia Tech this weekend. (Ivan Morozov)

1) Situational play calling…it seemed like we didn’t want to go into a two-minute drill before the half with UNC. Do you see us doing more situational play calling in this game in hopefully a lower risk environment? – NY Hokie1

Chris Coleman: A two-minute drill doesn’t fit the strengths and weaknesses of the VT offense when matched up against North Carolina.  I wrote about Tech’s wide receiver grades from the UNC game in yesterday’s Inside The Numbers article, but here they are again in case you didn’t read it…

Tre Turner: 21 plays, 67.4
Tayvion Robinson: 23 plays, 49.2
Kaleb Smith: 16 plays, 52.8
Jaden Payoute: 1 play, 59.9

Those are for the passing game only; running plays aren’t included.