Virginia Tech Linebackers: Discussing Depth Options And The Dilemma At Backer

Keshon Artis, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech redshirt sophomore Keshon Artis is working at backer. (@ladykpa73)

We know that Virginia Tech’s starting linebackers are Dax Hollifield and Alan Tisdale.  We’ve talked about those guys plenty since the end of last season, and David touched on them again in his linebacker preview.  I’m going to cover a couple of different topics today.

Before we get started, here’s a quick list of VT’s scholarship linebackers:

Dax Hollifield: 6-1, 239, Jr.
Alan Tisdale: 6-3, 228, r-So.
Keshon Artis: 6-0, 240, r-So.
Dean Ferguson: 6-2, 228, r-Fr.
Lakeem Rudolph: 6-4, 227, Fr.
CJ McCray: 6-3, 221, Fr.
Jaden Keller: 6-3, 216, Fr.
Will Johnson: 6-2, 218, Fr.*

*Out for the season with shoulder surgery.