Virginia Tech Quarterbacks: Burmeister, Third Downs, And The Backups

Braxton Burmeister, Virginia Tech
Braxton Burmeister is Virginia Tech’s most experienced quarterback in 2021. (Jon Fleming)

David Cunningham hit on the main points of the Virginia Tech quarterback situation this morning.  This afternoon, I want to dive a little bit deeper.  Specifically I want to get into third down strategy, show how early downs are more important than third downs, and discuss how a more experienced Braxton Burmeister could affect things.  

After that, I want to get into the backup quarterback race, what each player brings and doesn’t bring to the table, and how the starting QB position in 2022 could have an effect on the backup race in 2021.

Braxton Burmeister, the Virginia Tech Offense, and Third Downs

Here are some numbers that I bet would surprise you.