Alan Tisdale Tops Virginia Tech’s List Of Offseason Strength And Conditioning Stars

Alan Tisdale, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech linebacker Alan Tisdale added 18 pounds in the offseason. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech has updated the heights and weights on their roster this week, and now it’s time for our yearly article covering this subject.

Note that the online roster isn’t 100% complete.  For example, Burmeister said at ACC Football Kickoff that he’s 215, yet he’s still listed at 205 on the online roster.  Dorian Strong is listed at 174, but he told me he was 177.  Jordan Williams is listed at 285, but he told me he is 290.  You get the point.  Linemen especially can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis, and we don’t even know for a fact that everybody on the team got weighed, or that it has been updated online.

Scanning through the roster, a few players stood out to me this year for various reasons.  We’ll start off with the guy who could very well be Virginia Tech’s Player of the Offseason, if there were any such award.

Great Job, Alan Tisdale (With A Nod To Amare Barno)

In August of 2020, Alan Tisdale reported to Virginia Tech’s preseason camp at 210.  Generally, once camp begins, the running starts and there aren’t as many weight room sessions, and players drop a few pounds.  How much depends on his frame and build, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tisdale was in the 205 range by the time the actual season began last year.