Inside The Numbers: The Virginia Tech Jet Sweep, Part 1

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s jet sweep game has put up impressive numbers the last two seasons. (Ivan Morozov)

Jet sweep calls have been a hot topic with Hokie fans for a stretch now, but especially since Brad Cornelsen took over the offense. Stick around on any Hokie message board long enough, and you’ll see someone use “jet sweep” as shorthand for dissatisfaction with the offense. And after that, you’ll often see someone counterarguing by stating the high yards-per-carry stats associated with the play

CC asked me to take a swing at the topic. Because of time and resource constraints, I’ll touch on jet sweeps through the entirety of the Fuente era, but I’ll focus on a more specific question: “Were jet sweeps good plays in 2020?”

So, What is a Jet Motion/Sweep?

Jet motion is when a player from outside the box motions into the box by running a path that takes him close enough to the QB to receive the ball, and he is still in motion when the ball is snapped. The ball must be snapped before the motion man reaches the QB. A jet motion becomes a jet sweep when the motion man gets and keeps the ball to run—his momentum is too great to realistically run anything other than a sweep.

If he motions all the way to the other