2022 Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Update: Offensive Class Almost Full

Alex&nbspjOrji, Virginia Tech
Alex jOrji is one of two quarterbacks committed to Virginia Tech. (@AlexORJ1)

Today we’ll recap exactly where Virginia Tech stands in terms of offensive recruiting at each position.  With 19 commits already for 2022, the class is almost full, and that especially applies to the offensive side of the ball.

We’ll take it position by position, starting with the quarterbacks.  Tomorrow’s look at defensive recruiting will be more interesting.  I promise.


Commits: 2 (Alex Orji, Devin Farrell)

Targets: None

Barring an unforeseen development, Virginia Tech will not sign another high school quarterback for the 2022 class.

I could see Tech taking a transfer after this season, especially if Braxton Burmeister doesn’t return for the 2022 season.  That decision making process could be affected by the development of young players such as Knox Kadum and Tahj Bullock over the course of this season.

Ramon Brown, Virginia Tech
Ramon Brown is Virginia Tech’s highest-ranked recruit in quite awhile. (@Ramon_x7)

Running Backs

Commits: 2 (Ramon Brown, Bryce Duke)

Targets: None

With a sly smile, Justin Fuente joked with the local media at the ACC Football Kickoff that, “we don’t have as much depth at running back as it appears on paper.”  In other words, attrition is coming.  Still, with two backs signed for the 2022 class, I can’t see the Hokies taking another one unless he happened to be a can’t-miss type of prospect.

Wide Receiver

Commits: 1 (Tucker Holloway)

Targets: ?

Virginia Tech picked up a commitment from outside receiver prospect Tucker Holloway, Tech’s only wide receiver verbal to date.  Daequan Wright plays on the outside in high school, but at 6-4, 230, he is considered more of a tight end prospect at this stage, though he could still have ability to line up on the outside, especially in goal line situations.

Does Tech need to take another wide receiver in this class?  I would feel more comfortable with one more, but at the same time, the Hokies signed five last year: Jaylen Jones, Da’Wain Lofton, Chrsitian Moss, DJ Sims and Keli Lawson.  Plus, last year didn’t count in terms of eligibility for 2020 signee Dallan Wright, which means that Tech will have six true freshmen at wideout this fall.

Considering all of that, I can see why signing a second wide receiver in this class isn’t viewed as a priority by the