The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: The Cassell Project, Expanded Playoffs, And More

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech hopes to renovate Cassell Coliseum soon. (Virginia Tech)

1) How quickly will the Cassell project be triggered? And will they have to play elsewhere for a season? – vtox1

Chris Coleman: This will be a short answer because the answer is very simple.  How quickly the Cassell project is triggered will depend on how quickly the donations roll in.  That’s the reason for the John Dooley hire as Whit Babcock’s “special assistant”.  There are donations to be had from some big donors, and these specific big donors that I’m talking about are more likely to give with Dooley leading the charge than anybody else.  For others, it doesn’t matter, but there are some specific folks who would rather deal with Dooley.

Here are Whit Babcock’s comments on the timetable from back in April…

“The timetable on that will go as quickly as the funding will come in. We believe we have some people that are interested in that. It will take gifts of all levels. It will go a whole lot faster with the success of this campaign.