Virginia Tech Football 2021 Recruiting Scouting Reports: Running Back

Chance Black, Virginia Tech
Chance Black is one of three new running backs to enter the Virginia Tech program this summer. (@chanceblack03)

This year’s scouting reports on Virginia Tech’s 2021 recruiting class are going to be a little bit different.  In the past, it was me (Chris Coleman) going at it alone.  This year I’ve enlisted the help of Brandon Patterson, who is a better evaluator than I.  Brandon is going to review each player, and then I’m going to give my thoughts. 

We’re not going to do a full article on each player like in the past, but we’ll take a position-by-position look at the 2021 recruiting class.  I’ve also avoided doing ETAs this year.  This season, Virginia Tech and all schools will have two classes worth of true freshmen in their program since last year didn’t count towards eligibility.  For example, Tech will have four true freshmen defensive ends on the roster this year.  They’ll have five true freshmen tailbacks.  They’ll have three true freshmen tight ends.  It’s basically two recruiting classes in one, and I have no idea how it’s going to shake out over the next couple of years.  I expect the Hokies, and everybody else, will have lots of attrition as a result.  That, and the continued use of the transfer portal, make it borderline impossible to come up with realistic guesses for how quickly most players will see the field.

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Everything in this article is written by Brandon, unless otherwise noted.  And with that, I’ll turn it over to him. – CC

You could make a case that with the tight ends and offensive linemen, the Hokie staff selected players who will likely slot into different positions and roles at Tech. With the offensive linemen, Goodner is a guard, Schick is a tackle, and Miletic might be able to play across the front. For the TEs, Gibble looks like a receiving end, while Hollifield seems more like a blocking H-back type. The running backs, on the other hand, aren’t as easy to differentiate.

Chance Black
6’1, 190

Black played in South Carolina 5A, the highest level in SC. VT was his only P5 offer, coming after a good camp performance. He has good vision and some wiggle, but seemed most comfortable hitting seams on the edge. A relaxed, upright running style makes him seem a tick slower than he is. He played in pistol, shotgun, and deep under-center formations. He showed patience behind pullers, which will help in Tech’s gap schemes.

He seemed to show more breakaway skill in his abbreviated senior season. He also split carries in 2019, but was the top back in 2020. A former receiver, he has soft hands that immediately secure catches instead of trapping them against the body or catching them on rebounds off the palms. As a receiver, he’s comfortable finding grass and making tough grabs on broken plays. Notably, he had seven receptions in six games in 2020. His build and hands might make him a candidate for spending time in the slot. He ran track in addition to football, and finished fourth in the long jump at state meet.

ABOVE:  Leg drive here makes for a solid finish.