The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Football Vs. Basketball, Recruiting Thoughts, And More

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Mike Young
There is parity in Mike Young’s sport. (Matt Gentry, ACC Pool)

1) Who has the easier row to hoe? Coach Young or Coach Fu’? Meaning: which revenue squad should the VT fanbase rationally expect to do foreseeably better from here on out? – bourbonstreet

Chris Coleman: Well, who they should rationally expect “to do foreseeably better” and who they will actually expect “to do foreseeably better” could be two completely different answers, haha.

I’ll never forget some of the angst when Seth Greenberg was fired.  Some folks did support the firing.  Others were against the firing not because they necessarily wanted to keep Greenberg, but because they disliked the late (April 24) timing of it.  However, there was a large group that didn’t think it was time for a change.  They felt that one NCAA Tournament in nine years was acceptable for the program…even coming off four years of NITs with the Delaney/Allen group.